About Neurospectrum

Realizing that many neurological disorders are tied to biomechanical problems, Neurospectrum of Rancho Mirage, California, has developed a series of innovative devices designed to prevent biomechanic habits linked to carpal tunnel syndrome, arm and elbow pain, and back and neck pain. The Neurospectrum product line is the result of a collaboration between neurosurgeons, neurologists, and private sector engineers. Many of the professionals at Neurospectrum have years of experience at the Eisenhower Neuroscience Institute (ENI), where they have treated a wide range of neurological disorders. Their modern devices are designed to be a non-invasive alternative to surgery and other archaic treatment methods.

Help For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And More
Neurospectrum’s flagship device is the Neurosplint. As the inventor of the device, neurosurgeon Farhard Limonadi, MD of the Eisenhower Medical Center and ENI noted many wrist ailments are often treated with a fabric splint with rigid inserts. However, these devices are cumbersome to wear during the day, when people need to move the wrist in the course of their daily activities. Dr. Limonadi saw the need for a device that allowed movement while providing feedback to the patient who might flex or extend their wrist too much.

Meet Our Team

Farhad Limonadi
CEO/ Inventor / Director of Neurosurgery @ Eisenhower Neuroscience Institute

David Kernan
Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager

Moe Shemirani

Mick Griswold
Clinical Specialist

Marites Castro
Clinical Director & Business Administrator

Oto Godfrey
Creative Designer


Wearable Innovation for Posture
After the development of the Neurosplint, Dr. Limonadi and a group of engineering and neuroscience colleagues found they could use a similar approach to help improve neck, back, and abdominal posture. The resulting Perfect Posture Coach is the first biomechanically optimized device of its kind.

Devices Available For Online Ordering
While all Neurospectrum products can be used by a physician or as part of a physical therapy treatment program, they are also available for home use without a prescription.