FDA approved for treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the Neurosplint is the world’s first wrist stabilizer and range of motion feedback device.

Neurospectrum Neurosplint Spring Fields


  • Designed by interdisciplinary clinical and biomechanics team
  • Patented wrist splint with biofeedback support
  • No restriction to freedom of movement
  • Only 2 ounces


  • Feedback system provides audio, visual, and tactile modes
  • Keypad sets degree of flexion and extension beyond which the feedback mechanism is triggered
  • Adjustable Velcro straps ensure comfortable fit
  • Rigid insert immobilizes the wrist when desired
  • Charger Included

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How it Works: Magnetic Distance Sensing

The Neuro Splint constantly evaluates the position of your wrist via a magnetic sensor, measuring flux density as a proxy for distance. Recognizing the characteristics of your desired wrist position, it gives you friendly reminders when your wrist moves beyond a threshold you set for yourself.

Neurospectrum Neuro Splint with rigid insert

The Neuro Splint provides visual, tactile, or auditory feedback to alert you when your wrist is in an undesired position.

Science Behind the Neurosplint

Conventional wrist splints for treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, which are commonly used at nights, consist of a fabric-based sleeve with a rigid insert rendering the wrist joint immobile during use.

These splints are highly useful during sleep, but are commonly not practical for use at work, and therefore, most physicians recommend using them at nights and during sleep.

Neurospectrum Neuro Splint Flex & Extension

During activity, the Neurosplint uses a patented feedback system to help you reduce undesired wrist motion without limiting use of your hand. During rest, using inserts renders the splint rigid.


We created a splint that can be used during sleep keeping the wrist immobilized as in the case of current splints on the market, while allowing the user to wear it during work with some flexibility and feedback warnings in cases of extreme flexion and extension during use.

This may not only prevent repetitive extreme range of motion of the wrist, but also, initiate a behavioral modification of proper ergonomics during work and activities

Neurospectrum Neurosplint Features

Neurospectrum Neuro Splint button details

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