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Neuro Monolith

World’s first bio-feedback posture device for your entire back. Trains back, neck, thoracic & ab segments by using only 30 min/day.

Neuro Monolith

Committed to the idea that anyone can re-learn ideal posture with the right coaching, we designed a product to be the perfect coach. Combining state of the art medical understanding of the spine with comprehensive back and neck monitoring, we created the Electronic Posture Aid.

Featuring a modern, newly designed electronics unit, the Monolith is a comprehensive biofeedback-based posture coach designed to integrate with your daily attire while demonstrating a bold commitment to posture. Lightweight and low-profile, it springs to life when your posture degrades, coaching you toward your ergonomic ideal. With the Monolith, we’re also introducing our patented ergonomic analysis software.



  • Designed by interdisciplinary clinical and biomechanics team
  • Patented 30 minutes per day posture coach
  • No restriction to freedom of movement
  • Usage Analytics on Android, iPhone & Web
  • One size fits all – Kids 5′, 1.5 meters to adults 6’6”, 2 meters height.
  • Only 2 ounces

The next step in our product’s evolution is to transform its technology into a health-promoting fashion accessory for mass market use.

The Monolith - Electronic Posture Coach

The Monolith - How It Works - Magnetic Distance Sensing

Monolith - 4X Feedback Modes

How to Use: 30 Minutes Per Day

Recognizing that some postural variability is every bit as important as avoiding prolonged slouching, using our devices only 30 minutes per day is optimal for establishing proper posture. This ideal 30-minutes is long enough to adjust kinesthetic pathways in the brain and short enough that developing muscles stay strong and limber.

Monolith - Only 30 Minutes per Day

For younger users, these products offer coaching before biomechanical regression occurs, training proper posture in harmony with modern habits from the start.

Neuro Monolith - Kid Slouching by Computer

Usage Analytics on Web, Apple & Android

Monolith - Devices

We’re adding usage analytics enabled by synching the Monolith with iPhone and Android through Bluetooth. With data uploaded to our servers through the phone, you’ll also be able to view it on our website’s Analytics Dashboard.

Break down your ergonomic data for a month, a week, a day or an hour. Review your performance or keep a distant eye on your kids’ posture, while you’re busy elsewhere.


Neuro Monolith Features